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Waste Services
Lion's Head, Ontario

The Municipality of North Bruce Peninsula offers services to make sure waste is properly managed. Please contact the Municipality for further details or click here to visit their website. 

Municipal Waste Disposal Sites locations:

  • Eastnor Waste Disposal Site – 1252 West Road
  • Lindsay Waste Disposal Site – 627 Ira Lake Road
  • St. Edmunds Waste Disposal Site – 71 McArthur Road




Re-Use Buildings are located at the Eastnor and St. Edmunds Waste Disposal Sites. Residents may take gently used items, such as bicycles, small working appliances, desks, tables, chairs, etc. All items are also free to take. Please note: acceptance of items is at the Waste Disposal Site Attendant's discretion.

Recycling areas for electronics, tires, scrap metal, polystyrene, mattresses and household batteries. Click here for more details.

Curbside Pick Up

Click here for a map of curbside waste collection routes and schedule, Waste Disposal Site and Recycling Depots/Facilities locations.


Curbside and Waste Disposal Bin Collection Information

Missed waste collections are upsetting, but there is usually a reason why material was not collected as expected. To ensure your waste is collected, please ensure it is:

  • in an approved container
  • placed at the curb prior to 8:00 a.m.
  • Not hidden behind a vehicle, snow bank or other obstruction
  • free of prohibited content (any material other than household waste will not be collected)
  • within the limit of two (2) bags
  • within the limit of 22 kg (50 lbs)

Collection will not be made on Christmas Day or New Year's Day but will continue uninterrupted on all other statutory holidays. When a holiday is observed, collection will be accelerated as to be completed within the calendar week.

Improved properties located within a waste disposal bin area that do not receive curbside waste collection shall also adhere to the bag limit of two (2) garbage bags per week. Furthermore, only household waste shall be disposed of in these bins.

Blue boxes are available for $9.00 (including HST) at the Municipal Office during regular business hours.

NEW! Beginning February 1, 2015, the Municipality will be accepting mixed recyclable materials at its Depots/Facilities. All accepted recyclable  materials can be placed into one bin at the Municipality's Recycling Depots/Facilities. Recyclables are then transferred to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Cambridge. This single-stream recyclable processing uses separation technologies specifically designed for a mixed recyclable stream.

Accepted recyclable materials:

Glass: clear or coloured jars. Rinse out containers and remove lids.
Cardboard: corrugated, boxboard, boxed beverage containers. No Styrofoam, plastic bag liners or staples.
Paper: envelopes, paperbacks, magazines and catalogues, printer and fine paper, newspapers and flyers. No hardcover books.
Tin and Plastics: food and beverage containers, pop cans, plastic bottles, tubs and lids, empty aerosol cans, plastic clam shell containers. Plastics # 1-5, 7.
For more details on accepted materials, please click here

Recycling Depot/Facility locations:

  • Eastnor Recycling Depot - 2942 Highway 6
  • Eastnor Waste Disposal Site Recycling Facility - 1252 West Road
  • Lindsay Waste Disposal Site Recycling Facility - 627 Ira Lake Road
  • St. Edmunds Recycling Depot - 7045 Highway 6
  • St. Edmunds Waste Disposal Site Recycling Facility - 71 McArthur Road

Recycling Depots are accessible 24 hours a day; however, Facilities located at Municipal Waste Disposal Sites are only accessible during regular hours of operation.

56 Lindsay Road 5
Lion's Head, Ontario, N0H1W0