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Office of the CAO

Office of the CAO

Lion's Head, Ontario
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Bill Jones, Chief Administrative Officer
(519) 793-3522, X225

Get your municipal information from the source!

I am extremely proud to say that, over the past few years, the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula has made great strides in improving the way we communicate with our customers.  We will continue to enhance our website to provide valuable and pertinent information in an accessible format.  We look forward to responding to all public inquiries in an expeditious manner.

Information provided by the Municipality consists of factual content that is endorsed by Council as a whole and does not include individual political thoughts and/or opinions.  Information posted on websites or blogs other than the Municipal website do not reflect the official position of Council or the Municipality.  Although some websites and blogs can be entertaining, in many cases, the information provided can be inaccurate, incomplete and/or misleading.  It is important for members of the public to contact the Municipality if they are seeking information on Municipal activities, initiatives and/or programs.

The Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula utilizes several forms of communication to offer accurate and concise information to the public including:

  1. Newspaper - ads, public notices, reminders, minutes, etc.
  2. Municipal Website - by-laws, minutes, agendas, contact information, current projects, municipal plans, budgets and much more
  3. Newsletters - general information and relevant, current information
  4. Radio Spots - inform residents of upcoming events or meetings, public meetings/open houses, specific information regarding projects, municipal plans and studies
  5. Council Meetings - held the second and fourth Monday of each month and open to the public
  6. Written Correspondence - via letters or emails, telephone calls - derived from voice mails, messages, letters, etc.
  7. Personal Visits - on specific issues either at the Municipal Office or on location

I strongly urge anyone looking for answers regarding municipal matters to contact the Municipality through any of the above mentioned avenues.

Kindest regards,

Bill Jones
Chief Administrative Officer

56 Lindsay Road 5
Lion's Head, Ontario, N0H 1W0
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