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Painting Retreat
Lion's Head, Ontario
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  • Lion's Head
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A Painting Retreat on the Bruce Peninsula

Finding the time to dedicat to your passion can be challenging. Wouldn't it be great to just disappear for a few days and dedicate your precious time to you and your painting? 

Situated on a secret nook of the Bruce Peninsula, Lion's Head is the perfect location for a painting retreat. It's the place where you can do what you love in an idyllic natural setting. The view from the bluffs over crystal turquoise waters will soothe your soul and let you submerge into your painting like never before. 

In between your painting sessions there is a wide range of activities to do. Kayaking, SUPing and hiking is in abundance and will relax your body. Or you can just sit and enjoy the stillness.

Speak to your instructor for details about your painting retreat on the Bruce Peninsula. 

Lion's Head, Ontario,

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